Under The Canvas

How did this is all start for me?

Well it started with my LOVE of camping and being OUTDOORS!

I’ve been camping for years with my Bro, his muckers, mine too and my family. We started in 2 man pop-up but don’t pop-back-down tents, legs hanging out the doorway, raining dripping on our heads, thin mats for a mattress leaving crooked backs in the morning… if we slept that is.


Don’t sound great does it? I still LOVED it though, we were outdoors, living and breathing the elements, laughing and joking in the sunshine and sometimes rain (ahhh the sounds of rain on the outside of a tent) but we needed upgrades!! So over the years the tents got bigger and better, mattresses thicker, we brought duvets and pillows too…. we LEARNED!!


15 years in and now we camp in the WINTER cos we’re too busy in the SUMMER!!
What I’m trying to say is……. I think everyone should go CAMPING with friends and family so I decided to try and make that possible by GLAMPING it up a bit, taking out the hassle of loading cars, lugging things backwards and forward and packing away tents, leaving you to have all the FUN instead……… I may just have turned some heads!!



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